Only the best is good enough.

Colour & Size.

We offer our bottles in a wide array of colours and sizes. Every bottle is made with the highest quality materials, contributing to a design that is both functional and durable. Curved corners and rounded threads make our Quench bottles exceedingly sanitary and allow them to be cleaned and maintained effortlessly.


Each bottle is multi-purpose, capable of storing anything from carbonated drinks, to various fruit juices, in each case effectively preserving freshness and flavour. Due to their stainless steel properties, every bottle we provide is rust proof, highly durable and naturally lightweight.

Unrivaled Performance.

Quench bottles are double-walled, this creates a fully insulated flask that will keep your favourite drink hot for 18 hours, or cold for 24 hours. These thermos-dynamics are possible due to the fact that no energy is transferred to the outer wall of the bottle. Your bottle will not feel hot, cold or moist to your touch due to its unique double wall construction.

Ten Distinctive Colours