Make Quench your own

We wish to align ourselves with brands, corporations or individuals who equally display a commitment and promise to sustainability and health. To this end, we invite brands to promote themselves using our custom designed stainless steel bottles in a bid to reduce single-use containers. Our custom branded bottles can be designed to match any order we may receive, depending on the particular needs or requirements of your brand. Kindly noteĀ a minimum order of 10 bottles is required.

We love that other brands want to drive the vision of being green and sustainable as a corporate decision, and because of this, we offer exceedingly cost-effective large custom orders for our potential partners.

Lost Something?

We offer quality replacement pieces, such as bottle lids and seals, in case you have misplaced your own. We charge R35 for replacement bottle lids. These pieces are designed and finished with the same quality and performance standards as your original pieces, making your bottle better than ever.

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